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Hit by bus. In hospital. Am OK, but broken facial bones and teeth and a face only a mother could love. God was good enough to make sure it didn't end worse (He's actually awesome).  

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I was gonna make this longer, but I got hit by a bus.

Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.5/?)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13: Because England likes to swear, and so does Tony.
Summary: Last time, Canada and America planned to go to visit the injured England. But only Canada arrived! So where the hell is America?

1: Dogwood; 2: Honeysuckle; 3. Roses and Irises; 4. The Truest Language (1); (2); Interlude: Anniversary; (3); (4)

4. The Truest Language (4.5)

He sighed, heartsick. “Stupid England,” he muttered under his breath. “What the fuck am I going to do with you?” )
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Will probably reopen eventually, but I have to admit it, work is seriously cutting my time to get stuff finished,and it's taking me way too long to finish stuff (like 4 to 7 months, wtf self). All pending orders are still being in made, and we'll ship them as soon as we can.

Plushies I still need to do:

1. France and Canada
2. Rome
3. Maiden Rose (2 plushies)
4. Austria and Prussia (Austrian Succession)
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Glitter Graphics -
Also, it was the Filipino-America Friendship Day in our country yesterday. July 4th used to be our Independence Day, but we changed it.
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Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation. 
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13: Angst. This one has bucketfuls of it. WHY AM I WRITING THIS?
Summary: America wasn’t the only one who broke hearts; England did it too.


England broke America’s heart merely minutes after they first met. )
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Ahiru and Fakir from Princess Tutu.

Done as a commission. I'm not finished with them yet (I need to replace Ahiru's linings and put some bling on them). ♥

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/runs and hides

Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.4)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13: ANGST. England being dere.
Summary: England takes a tumble down the stairs, and gets dosed with painkillers, thus addling his brain and leaving him vulnerable to Portugal's rather probing questions on his behavior. Meanwhile, America and Canada continues to freak out, and no one seems to know why the rum is gone. ♥

Author’s notes: This was like, supposed to be second to the last, BUT IT’S NOT WORKING GAIS. I’m so, so sorry. Thank you so much to the awesome [info]wayme , who helped me with the Portuguese phrases, to [info]sillyputtie and [info]berserker  who also helped as well. ILU guys. ;_; Also this chapter makes me nervous like whoa. D: Hugs to [info]miaoujones, who listened to my ramblings about this fic and offered encouragement. Also, views of the character does not mean its my own political views as well.

1: Dogwood; 2: Honeysuckle; 3. Roses and Irises; 4. The Truest Language (1); (2); Interlude: Anniversary; (3)

4. The Truest Language (4)

“So this has nothing to do with the recent reports of his boss wanting him to hang out more with other nations and less with you, then?” )

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Well, this took long enough.

Title: The Conductor of Light [AU: Saving Grace (Sherlock Holmes)-verse]
Disclaimer: Er, I don’t own Hetalia.
Pairing: Arthur × Alfred; hints of Francis × Matthew and Arthur + Matthew
Rating: PG-13, angst, perhaps a bit of fluff. IDK. Thesaurus abuse, ahoy!
Summary: A side-story for the multipart fic The Saving Grace of Antiquity written for the usxuk ficathon. Sherlock Holmes AU. Arthur Kirkland is the world’s foremost independent consulting detective. Matthew Williams is his trusty companion, assistant and chronicler, and Alfred F. Jones is the tenacious and enthusiastic detective sergeant of the Yard. A routine arrest goes horribly wrong and ends with Arthur almost fatally shot. Alfred and Matthew are forcefully reminded that some promises may be harder to keep than others.
Author’s notes: *sigh* This is more of a bridge chapter. I suggest you read the first two parts (to refresh yourselves) because otherwise I think this chapter may not make sense.
Warning: Lots of spoilers for the Sherlock Holmes’ stories.

Part I
Part II

Part III

Matthew considers it no small miracle that somehow he, Alfred and Arthur had managed to return to the flat in Baker Street later that night without Alfred expressing, in his usual loud and physical, manner, his extreme discontent with Arthur concerning the events that transpired at Blackwood’s house.  )
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HBO greenlights 'Game of Thrones' to series

...I'll just be in my seat, having hysterics.


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Oh My GOD. I am insane. I need to stop writing and posting fics while at work. D:

Title: Bespoke
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Genre:, Sewing crack?
Pairing: America × England
Word count: 1115
Rating: PG-13: SO MUCH FLUFF.
Summary: Thanks to the recession, America does not have a decent suit. No worries, England makes him one.

England never frowns when he sews, America has noted )
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God I hope I'm not too late.

Title: Anniversary
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Word count: 1360
Rating: PG-13: SO MUCH FLUFF. *is embarrassed* And, er, angst.
Author’s notes: This is very much connected to an ongoing fic in my Floriography series. In fact, you can say it’s probably one of the future outcomes of that story. XD
Summary: England doesn't come to America's party again, despite the fact they were lovers now and it's their first year anniversary. Cue mopey Nation.

In the end, England didn't come )
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I've debated time and again whether I should de-anon this or not so what the hell. De-anoning. Done for the [ profile] saying_yes_2010  challenge.

Title: Good Morning
Disclaimer: Er, I don’t own Hetalia.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: R-18 for fail!porn
Summary: England wakes up to a beautiful morning beside his lover.

England woke up at the feel of the sun’s warmth on his bare skin, America’s arms holding him close.

Lips curving into a small smile, he turned slightly to look at his lover, shifting carefully in the tangle of sheets and limbs, not wanting to disturb America and wake him. They both had a long, hard day yesterday and needed the rest sleep offered.

Against the dappled sunlight that shone through the window, America’s skin and hair glowed a hallowed gold, an Andalusian god in repose. Almost by habit, England gently brushed his knuckles across America’s cheek, barely resisting the temptation to kiss America as his heart is filled with near overwhelming affection for his lover. Why must you be so beautiful?

Ah, I am getting far too sentimental in my old age, England thought with a wry chuckle. Sighing, he turned away from America. As much as he liked the casual, yet intimate contact between his bare skin and America’s, he couldn’t stay in the bed any longer. He had work to do, not to mention he had to make breakfast for them.

However, just as he was about to try to extricate himself from America’s embrace, America’s grip around his waist tightened.

“America what–” England started to say in surprise, but it turned to a choked gasp when he felt America’s hand stroking his inner thigh, his warm lips and tongue against his ear. He struggled, trying to get away, but America’s grasp was too firm. “America, now is not the time for–I have to–ohhhhh–” He closed his eyes and let out a breathy little moan as America’s lips found that little sensitive spot at the juncture of his neck and jaw, and placed sucking little kisses that sent sparks of pleasure throughout his body, making him squirm in America’s grasp.

“Mmm hmm,” America murmured. The hand on England’s thigh moved higher, wrapping ‘round his cock, thumb rubbing the head before it began to stroke him in earnest.

Ah~" England breath came in harsh, rapid pants, heels digging into the soft sheets for purchase as he arched his back as the sweet heat spread throughout his body like potent wine in the blood, warm and intoxicating, and then pooled between his legs, where his lover’s fingers, now slick with his own issue, deftly stroked him.

“Do you like that? Do you want me to go faster?”

The obscene whispers burned against England’s ear, and he shuddered. “Yes,” he mewled, toes curling and uncurling, fingers gripping sheets as he writhed in pleasure, body arching back as the strokes sped up, “Oh god, yes.” Seconds later, his world went achingly white as he came into his lover’s hands.

Afterwards, somewhat sated but still wanting more, England lay unmoving, gasping for breath, his body damp with sweat, thighs and stomach stained with come. Behind him, he could feel America’s heat as he shifted in the bed. With the arm around his waist, America effortlessly drew him closer, cuddling him flush against his chest.

“Good morning,” America whispered as he nuzzled the nape of his neck, planting little nips, licks and kisses against the sweat-soaked skin.

Letting out a breathless laugh, England turned over and placed a languorous kiss on America’s lips. As green eyes met with blue ones, England gave him a wicked smile as his fingers wrapped around his lover’s own hard length, wet with precome, and slowly began to caress him. “Good morning to you too, idiot,” he whispered back, his smile turning to a smirk when America moaned, head falling back against the pillows to bare his neck. “Now its your turn.”

/hides and runs
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I want to help out with Haiti by placing handmade plushies for auctions (because that's pretty much the only things I can offer), but I'm not quite sure how will that works or if anyone would be interested.  ^__^;
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Spread the LOVE. ♥

(and yes, I'm pimping also the pair in my icon. Seme!England is HOT)
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Yes, I have no life other making these babies. orz

Title: ...In which France and Austria seem like they went headhunting
[ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior
  France, Austria and Turkey's head
...None at all. Well. Implied violence? Nah, not really.


...I didn't know Europeans headhunted in the past... )

FAQ FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW. We're also still selling plushie heads, so!
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Happy New Year to all! ♥♥

Finishing all commissions for this year. *whew*

[ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior
Poland, Estonia and Iceland
...None at all. Well. Plushies with srz bizns faces. ^_____^



...why so serious? )


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Maguindanao massacre death toll rises to 46—police (current count is 52)

MAGUINDANAO, Philippines—(UPDATE 6) Bullet-ridden bodies were pulled out from shallow graves on Tuesday as troops hunted down the gunmen who massacred, according to the Philippine National Police, at least 46 people in one of the Philippines' most brutal explosions of political violence.

Police on Mindanao island pulled bullet-ridden bodies from shallow graves in this remote farming area after gunmen allegedly employed by a local political chief abducted then shot dead a group of rival politicians and journalists.

Killings leave media stunned

MANILA, Philippines—Shocked members of Philippine and international media groups, and the European Union Tuesday demanded answers from authorities after the unprecedented murders of at least 12 Filipino journalists who became ensnared in a feud between rival political clans.

The Philippines has long been recognized as one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists, but hardened reporters in the country were reduced to shock by the scale of the slaughter.

“I don’t know how to term what the perpetrators did. It is of course a brazen, barbaric act,” said Jay Sonza, the station manager for local television station UNTV, which has two reporters confirmed killed and another two missing.

“These things cannot happen in a supposedly democratic country,” Sonza said.

“This kind of an attack on the members of the fourth estate didn’t even happen in war zones. There needs to be a thorough investigation and the government must bring to justice those responsible,” Sonza said.

The sad thing is, I can guarantee you two things from this:

1. This shit will happen again
2. Justice will be elusive

Welcome to Philippine Politics.
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Pretty much the last batch of international orders. /kills self

Title: It's C-A-N-A-D-A!
Artists: [ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior
Characters/Paring: Canada and a surprise guest
Rating/Warnings: Er, none at all. Crappy photos? Maybe nudity?

Done as a commission for [ profile] geogirl15

So, guess which part took the most time to make. /bricked

Sorry I couldn't resist. :D



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...are you sick of me posting yet?

Title: Gakuen America and England
Artists: [ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior
Characters/Paring: England and America (Gakuen AU version)
Rating/Warnings: Er, none at all. Crappy photos?

Done as a commission for [ profile] akisilver .


moar pics! XD )


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