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Hit by bus. In hospital. Am OK, but broken facial bones and teeth and a face only a mother could love. God was good enough to make sure it didn't end worse (He's actually awesome).  

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I was gonna make this longer, but I got hit by a bus.

Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.5/?)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13: Because England likes to swear, and so does Tony.
Summary: Last time, Canada and America planned to go to visit the injured England. But only Canada arrived! So where the hell is America?

1: Dogwood; 2: Honeysuckle; 3. Roses and Irises; 4. The Truest Language (1); (2); Interlude: Anniversary; (3); (4)

4. The Truest Language (4.5)

He sighed, heartsick. “Stupid England,” he muttered under his breath. “What the fuck am I going to do with you?” )
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Will probably reopen eventually, but I have to admit it, work is seriously cutting my time to get stuff finished,and it's taking me way too long to finish stuff (like 4 to 7 months, wtf self). All pending orders are still being in made, and we'll ship them as soon as we can.

Plushies I still need to do:

1. France and Canada
2. Rome
3. Maiden Rose (2 plushies)
4. Austria and Prussia (Austrian Succession)
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/runs and hides

Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.4)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13: ANGST. England being dere.
Summary: England takes a tumble down the stairs, and gets dosed with painkillers, thus addling his brain and leaving him vulnerable to Portugal's rather probing questions on his behavior. Meanwhile, America and Canada continues to freak out, and no one seems to know why the rum is gone. ♥

Author’s notes: This was like, supposed to be second to the last, BUT IT’S NOT WORKING GAIS. I’m so, so sorry. Thank you so much to the awesome [info]wayme , who helped me with the Portuguese phrases, to [info]sillyputtie and [info]berserker  who also helped as well. ILU guys. ;_; Also this chapter makes me nervous like whoa. D: Hugs to [info]miaoujones, who listened to my ramblings about this fic and offered encouragement. Also, views of the character does not mean its my own political views as well.

1: Dogwood; 2: Honeysuckle; 3. Roses and Irises; 4. The Truest Language (1); (2); Interlude: Anniversary; (3)

4. The Truest Language (4)

“So this has nothing to do with the recent reports of his boss wanting him to hang out more with other nations and less with you, then?” )

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I want to help out with Haiti by placing handmade plushies for auctions (because that's pretty much the only things I can offer), but I'm not quite sure how will that works or if anyone would be interested.  ^__^;
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Thank you so much for those who checked up on me. *hugs you all*


Yes, I am fine, and I was lucky. I was about to go to work on that day, near the area where much of the damage was, but I decided to go home after I saw how continuous the rainfall was (and it was already flooding in front of my dentist's office, so I went O_o and went home). I still had to wade through the floods, and when I got home, there was already flooding in my village. Oh well.)

It was a weird storm. It wasn't even one of the really strong ones, but it brought so much RAIN. Most typhoons bring a bit of rain and then punishing, ovar 9000! winds. This one didn't have much wind speed, but it rained hard and steady and for the whole day. We had more rain fall on that day than what the USA received during Hurricane Katrina. WTF.

(and fuckit, we possibly have a super typhoon coming up this weekend. Damn. Just. damn)

For those who want to help the survivors, go here for more information.

My Internet went wonky over the weekend. Then I still had work to finish so I was pretty much ><.

I may have been spared of the floods, but work and deadlines are unforgiving. Still are. A bit anyway. Some of my coworkers were affected so they couldn't come to work so we had to take up some slack.

My mom wants to take me to an endocrinologist next next week because I am apparently too thin and there maybe something wrong with my thyroid which is plausible because my mom also has thyroid problems. Thank God for insurance. If there's anything I love abut my work despite the deadlines, it's that we have insurance. mom is the insurance agent of our insurance, too. hahaha.



Eight or so more days to go before the [ profile] hetaliasunshine deadline. ♥ HOLY CRAP I NEED TO FINISH MY FILL.

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But instead I am posting about inane stuff, plushies, and, as always, fangirling Hetalia.

My dad unexpectedly came home from Singapore (where he's been working for 4 months) and stayed for the weekend. So. We had a fun weekend. Whole family and all that. ♥ I was pretty glad I didn't have any pressing work, so I was able to enjoy that time with my family.


Yeah. Hoshitamago's releasing this. It's the sequel to another one of the circle's/artist works (which I bought recently).


But I don't even know how to buy this sort of thing direct from Japan. /sobs I guess I have to wait until someone picks this up and resells it?

Also, random question:

Would anyone be interested if we put up a tutorial for plushies? Well, not exactly the plushie we make but some other kind of it. we were thinking for mochimerica but we'll see.


Jul. 31st, 2009 11:52 pm
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YEEES. A weekend where I don't have to do OT. *fistpumps* Will be spending most of it doing plushies, which I have been unable to make because this week was just simply HELL. D:

Also, I kind of need help with a few stuff, all of them for plushies or fics:

1. Does anyone know where to get original sketches of Fem!England? I kinda need it for something.
2. Er, I need help with Portugese. Specifically, I need to ask translations for a few phrases and such. It's for a USxUK fic where he makes an appearance. :D
3. What grade do they start teaching kids US history in the USA? The specific point of history I'm interested is the Revolutionary War, of course.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Random story:

A few days ago, [info]oinkwarrior  (my fellow plushie maker),  texted me that she was going to be late for our meeting because she was injured. Apparently, she fell to the ground head first.

me: WTF Buta-chan, I thought you were in school. How the hell did you fall from a tree? Unless you take your classes up trees or something like that.
[ profile] oinkwarrior : Uhm, the tree branch I had been standing on to fetch a kitten from a tree broke under my weight. I didn't realize it was termite infested so I ended up falling and getting showered by bits of bark and termites.
me: D:


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