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But instead I am posting about inane stuff, plushies, and, as always, fangirling Hetalia.

My dad unexpectedly came home from Singapore (where he's been working for 4 months) and stayed for the weekend. So. We had a fun weekend. Whole family and all that. ♥ I was pretty glad I didn't have any pressing work, so I was able to enjoy that time with my family.


Yeah. Hoshitamago's releasing this. It's the sequel to another one of the circle's/artist works (which I bought recently).


But I don't even know how to buy this sort of thing direct from Japan. /sobs I guess I have to wait until someone picks this up and resells it?

Also, random question:

Would anyone be interested if we put up a tutorial for plushies? Well, not exactly the plushie we make but some other kind of it. we were thinking for mochimerica but we'll see.


Jul. 31st, 2009 11:52 pm
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YEEES. A weekend where I don't have to do OT. *fistpumps* Will be spending most of it doing plushies, which I have been unable to make because this week was just simply HELL. D:

Also, I kind of need help with a few stuff, all of them for plushies or fics:

1. Does anyone know where to get original sketches of Fem!England? I kinda need it for something.
2. Er, I need help with Portugese. Specifically, I need to ask translations for a few phrases and such. It's for a USxUK fic where he makes an appearance. :D
3. What grade do they start teaching kids US history in the USA? The specific point of history I'm interested is the Revolutionary War, of course.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Random story:

A few days ago, [info]oinkwarrior  (my fellow plushie maker),  texted me that she was going to be late for our meeting because she was injured. Apparently, she fell to the ground head first.

me: WTF Buta-chan, I thought you were in school. How the hell did you fall from a tree? Unless you take your classes up trees or something like that.
[ profile] oinkwarrior : Uhm, the tree branch I had been standing on to fetch a kitten from a tree broke under my weight. I didn't realize it was termite infested so I ended up falling and getting showered by bits of bark and termites.
me: D:


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