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De-anoning. Fill for [ profile] hetaliasunshine . I don't know why I bothered going anon. It's so obvious this was me. My first FrUK fic. 

TITLE: and there were flowers
RECIPIENT: [ profile] tea_for_you 
PAIRING: England × France
DISCLAIMER: Hetalia is not mine.
SUMMARY: Prompt was “trying at doing romance the right way.” Somehow it translated to England sending flowers to France and vice versa as a means of showing their affection/facilitating their romance. Because they aren’t good at actual verbal communication. I hope this is OK.

and for a moment France felt a little ill: Did he just concede that the brute was capable of subtlety? Mon Dieu. The world must be coming to an end. )

/hides forever
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Thank you so much for those who checked up on me. *hugs you all*


Yes, I am fine, and I was lucky. I was about to go to work on that day, near the area where much of the damage was, but I decided to go home after I saw how continuous the rainfall was (and it was already flooding in front of my dentist's office, so I went O_o and went home). I still had to wade through the floods, and when I got home, there was already flooding in my village. Oh well.)

It was a weird storm. It wasn't even one of the really strong ones, but it brought so much RAIN. Most typhoons bring a bit of rain and then punishing, ovar 9000! winds. This one didn't have much wind speed, but it rained hard and steady and for the whole day. We had more rain fall on that day than what the USA received during Hurricane Katrina. WTF.

(and fuckit, we possibly have a super typhoon coming up this weekend. Damn. Just. damn)

For those who want to help the survivors, go here for more information.

My Internet went wonky over the weekend. Then I still had work to finish so I was pretty much ><.

I may have been spared of the floods, but work and deadlines are unforgiving. Still are. A bit anyway. Some of my coworkers were affected so they couldn't come to work so we had to take up some slack.

My mom wants to take me to an endocrinologist next next week because I am apparently too thin and there maybe something wrong with my thyroid which is plausible because my mom also has thyroid problems. Thank God for insurance. If there's anything I love abut my work despite the deadlines, it's that we have insurance. mom is the insurance agent of our insurance, too. hahaha.



Eight or so more days to go before the [ profile] hetaliasunshine deadline. ♥ HOLY CRAP I NEED TO FINISH MY FILL.

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So that fic exchange?


The Hetalia Sunshine Fanworks Exchange!

This ficathon/artathon is for the sunnier side of Hetalia: the brightness, the joy, the sweetness, the laughter, the tenderness, the friendship, the love, the warmth.

Go to this post for further details!



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