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Here is the handy-dandy FAQ about the plushie commissions ♥:

Brief information about us

I'm Mel ([ profile] twistedsheets10 ), and I'm a 28 year-old copyeditor for academic journals from the Philippines. I've been making plushies for nearly 4 or so years now. I have a deviantart journal you can look into if you want.

My better half in this is Buta-chan ([ profile] oinkwarrior ), and she's a 29 year-old artist from the Philippines as well, and has been making plushies for about 5 years or so. She's my mentor and an all-around fabulous person. XD She has a deviantart journal you can look into if you want.

On commissioning

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a strictly first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to not accept commissions. Sorry, but we can be terribly picky on what to make. From time to time, we will specify certain characters we won't be making (which means we won't accept commissions of them) for a month.

1. How do I commission you?

We'll be opening three slots once a month in a post in my journal: two slots are mine, one slot is Buta-chan's. When I say three slots, that means a maximum of TWO plushies per slot. Which means I do a maximum of four plushies, Buta-cahn does two. For this round, however, Buta-chan's not doing any plushies, so only ONE plushie per slot.

All you need to do is comment on the post and wait for us to PM you back within 24 hours that we've accepted your commission. ♥ All comments in that post are screened for privacy. 

Your comment should contain the following information (ganked from another plushie maker's FAQ, ehe):

1. Name of the character(s) and the series they're from

2. Front and back head-to-toe reference pictures (official, if possible/applicable), plus a close-up of the face in color (so we know how to make the eyes, mouth, brows, etc.)

We require those who are asking for commissions to provide us links to decently sized images of the character they want to be made, preferably colored, full body ones, something similar like this or this, so we'll have an idea what we would be working on.

If you don't have a link to an image (unless the one you're requesting is a character we've done before), we'll ignore your request

3. The size that you want (in inches)

Plushies come in these sizes: 5 inches, 4 inches and 2 inches. Mine are usually 5 inches in length, 4.5 if its the size of baby!America. Buta-chan's plushies range from 4 to 2 inches.

4. Additional details that you want included

When making the request, please try to be as specific as you can. For example, if you want a "Powerpuff version of Snape and Lupin in wedding clothes, with Lupin in a white wedding gown wearing a disgruntled expression," please say so. (and yes, I have a commission like that.) 

5. Your location (the name of the state if you live in the US, the name of the country if you live outside the US) 

Also, please tell us what EYES you want your plushie to have. We have two styles of eyes: the beady ones, and the anime ones.  

6. Specify who you want to make your plushie

Buta-chan and I have different ways of crafting plushies, so please tell us which one you want to be doing your plushie. Please check our deviantart pages to see the difference. For this one, I'll be the one making them, so.

2. What characters are open for commission?

Most anime/game characters are OK to commission. NO ROBOTS PLEASE. OR FOUR-LEGGED ANIMALS. NO GENITALS. Original characters are OK, provided you can furnish us with the needed images.

3. How long does a commission take before it's finished?

On most cases, it takes at least 1 month and 2 weeks, 2 months at the most. This includes the actual making of the plushie and the shipping.  If you MUST have a plushie for a specific time, PLEASE TELL US.

Shipping is the one that takes up the most time (2 weeks to a month), as we use registered mail. It can go longer, though. There ARE faster shipping services in the Philippines, but we wouldn't recommend them or use them, because they're devilishly expensive and impractical pricewise. If you want it to be sent through other means other than registered mail, like EMS or DHL, please tell us, so we can make arrangements.

4. How much is a plushie?

This really depends on how much work a plushie requires, the size and the accessories that come with it. Our price range, however, is from US$20-$40 if you're from the US, the Americas (North and South) and UK and Europe. The base price, however, is US$25 and this includes the shipping. If you're from Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Japan and China, you get lower prices.

Payment is 50% of cost upfront, then 50% when the plushie arrives. :)

The prices go higher depending on the difficulty of the plushie. For example, making Pirate!England would cost you more compared with the usual (green uniform) England, because the pirate costume is quite difficult to make, not to mention has lots of details and accessories, like the hat and coat.

If you're from the Philippines, you get patriotic prices. ♥♥♥ Mabuhay ang Filipino! But I'm afraid yours will take longer to make.

5. How do we pay you guys?

We accept payment only through Paypal. 

Please note that we will not start making your plushie until we receive the payment. We, uh, kinda need the cash to buy for materials. XD If you have problems with payment, or would like to have a special arrangement , please tell us and we can talk about it. This only applies if you order two or more plushies.





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