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Non-Hetalia characters I have that is WIP and can be requested (WIP means they're already half-made, that is, I've finished making their heads or parts of their body. All of these have anime eyes)

Code Geass
Lelouch (with Geass eye and removable helmet; in Zero costume)

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a strictly first come, first serve basis. We reserve the right to not accept commissions. Sorry, but we can be terribly picky on what to make. 

Your comment should contain the following information :

1. Name of the character(s) and the series they're from 

2. Front and back head-to-toe reference pictures (official, if possible/applicable), plus a close-up of the face in color (so we know how to make the eyes, mouth, brows, etc.)

We require those who are asking for commissions to provide us links to decently sized images of the character they want to be made, preferably colored, full body ones, something similar like 
this or this, so we'll have an idea what we would be working on. 

If you don't have a link to an image (unless the one you're requesting is a character we've done before), we'll ignore your request

3. The size that you want (in inches)

Plushies come in these sizes: 5 inches, 4 inches and 2 inches. Mine are usually 5 inches in length, 4.5 if its the size of baby!America. Buta-chan's plushies range from 4 to 2 inches.

4. Additional details that you want included

When making the request, please try to be as specific as you can. For example, if you want a "Powerpuff version of Snape and Lupin in wedding clothes, with Lupin in a white wedding gown wearing a disgruntled expression," please say so. (and yes, I have a commission like that.) 

5. Your location (the name of the state if you live in the US, the name of the country if you live outside the US) 

Also, please tell us what EYES you want your plushie to have. We have two styles of eyes: the 
beady ones, and the anime ones.  

6. Specify who you want to make your plushie

Buta-chan and I have different ways of crafting plushies, so please tell us which one you want to be doing your plushie. Please check our deviantart pages to see the difference.
For this one, it will only be me making the plushies. :|

SLOT 1 (twistedsheets10):
SLOT 2 ( twistedsheets10): 
SLOT 3 (twistedsheets10):

Character requests currently not allowed/accepted this month (July-August)

American Revolution America and England (ok, this is forever)
Pirate!England and Pilot!America (I'm willing to work on them, but please use a different design, as the designs of the ones I made are exclusive to haro)


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