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This would serve as the index for the crappy fanfics I've written over the years. I figured I needed them, since I damned keep on losing track of the stuff I've done. (also known as the Pit of Voles)

Twisted-sheets: I wanted it to contain yaoi-only stories before, but I broke that rule with my Yondaime x Kushina fics. This account contains all of my Naruto stories, most of them rated PG-13. Please be ignoring my pathetic attempts at Yami no Matsuei and Harry Potter fanfiction. Contains the NC-17 versions of my Naruto fics, and some of my Viewfinder fics as well.


This fandom was pretty much the reason I'm in LJ. I love this yaoi manga so fucking much. I used to be fairly prolific writing for this fandom, but I've stopped writing for it for now. All the fiction posted here as friends-locked, however, so you need to join [ profile] club_sion  before you can read them.

The Hunt (one shot): Asami x Akihito, NC-17. For all their difference, truth was, both Asami and Akihito enjoy the thrill of the hunt. On the matter of who was the hunter or the prey, however, remains to be seen.

Wanting More (one shot): Fei Long x Akihito, NC-17. It was written for a contest in the comm where we had to write a fic of what we think would happen next in the Naked Truth arc. This took me a whole day (and night) to conceive, draft, write, and edit this.

Brothers (one shot): Fei Long and Tao. PG-13. It's not a pairing. This piece features an OC POV, and explores a (crack) theory I have about Fei's family.

One sentence challenges: Mostly done for Fei Long, though other characters appear as well. Funny, Akihito is my favorite character, but I've written more about Fei Long. Ranges from PG-13 to NC-17.
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My family and I are fine. While we live in  a 'coastal' province, I'm more worried about the earthquakes, but my thoughts and prayers to those who were affected.
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Please, please don't post comments you make in my journal (especially locked post) in Facebook or anywhere else.

I trust you all to be discreet enough, but just to make things clear. I friends-lock them for a reason. Oh LJ. When will your fail end.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 03:02 pm
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Can someone tell me why uses 'Britain' rather than 'England' in the character tags? Is this a dub thing? WTF.
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Will probably reopen eventually, but I have to admit it, work is seriously cutting my time to get stuff finished,and it's taking me way too long to finish stuff (like 4 to 7 months, wtf self). All pending orders are still being in made, and we'll ship them as soon as we can.

Plushies I still need to do:

1. France and Canada
2. Rome
3. Maiden Rose (2 plushies)
4. Austria and Prussia (Austrian Succession)
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Oh My GOD. I am insane. I need to stop writing and posting fics while at work. D:

Title: Bespoke
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Genre:, Sewing crack?
Pairing: America × England
Word count: 1115
Rating: PG-13: SO MUCH FLUFF.
Summary: Thanks to the recession, America does not have a decent suit. No worries, England makes him one.

England never frowns when he sews, America has noted )
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I've debated time and again whether I should de-anon this or not so what the hell. De-anoning. Done for the [ profile] saying_yes_2010  challenge.

Title: Good Morning
Disclaimer: Er, I don’t own Hetalia.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: R-18 for fail!porn
Summary: England wakes up to a beautiful morning beside his lover.

England woke up at the feel of the sun’s warmth on his bare skin, America’s arms holding him close.

Lips curving into a small smile, he turned slightly to look at his lover, shifting carefully in the tangle of sheets and limbs, not wanting to disturb America and wake him. They both had a long, hard day yesterday and needed the rest sleep offered.

Against the dappled sunlight that shone through the window, America’s skin and hair glowed a hallowed gold, an Andalusian god in repose. Almost by habit, England gently brushed his knuckles across America’s cheek, barely resisting the temptation to kiss America as his heart is filled with near overwhelming affection for his lover. Why must you be so beautiful?

Ah, I am getting far too sentimental in my old age, England thought with a wry chuckle. Sighing, he turned away from America. As much as he liked the casual, yet intimate contact between his bare skin and America’s, he couldn’t stay in the bed any longer. He had work to do, not to mention he had to make breakfast for them.

However, just as he was about to try to extricate himself from America’s embrace, America’s grip around his waist tightened.

“America what–” England started to say in surprise, but it turned to a choked gasp when he felt America’s hand stroking his inner thigh, his warm lips and tongue against his ear. He struggled, trying to get away, but America’s grasp was too firm. “America, now is not the time for–I have to–ohhhhh–” He closed his eyes and let out a breathy little moan as America’s lips found that little sensitive spot at the juncture of his neck and jaw, and placed sucking little kisses that sent sparks of pleasure throughout his body, making him squirm in America’s grasp.

“Mmm hmm,” America murmured. The hand on England’s thigh moved higher, wrapping ‘round his cock, thumb rubbing the head before it began to stroke him in earnest.

Ah~" England breath came in harsh, rapid pants, heels digging into the soft sheets for purchase as he arched his back as the sweet heat spread throughout his body like potent wine in the blood, warm and intoxicating, and then pooled between his legs, where his lover’s fingers, now slick with his own issue, deftly stroked him.

“Do you like that? Do you want me to go faster?”

The obscene whispers burned against England’s ear, and he shuddered. “Yes,” he mewled, toes curling and uncurling, fingers gripping sheets as he writhed in pleasure, body arching back as the strokes sped up, “Oh god, yes.” Seconds later, his world went achingly white as he came into his lover’s hands.

Afterwards, somewhat sated but still wanting more, England lay unmoving, gasping for breath, his body damp with sweat, thighs and stomach stained with come. Behind him, he could feel America’s heat as he shifted in the bed. With the arm around his waist, America effortlessly drew him closer, cuddling him flush against his chest.

“Good morning,” America whispered as he nuzzled the nape of his neck, planting little nips, licks and kisses against the sweat-soaked skin.

Letting out a breathless laugh, England turned over and placed a languorous kiss on America’s lips. As green eyes met with blue ones, England gave him a wicked smile as his fingers wrapped around his lover’s own hard length, wet with precome, and slowly began to caress him. “Good morning to you too, idiot,” he whispered back, his smile turning to a smirk when America moaned, head falling back against the pillows to bare his neck. “Now its your turn.”

/hides and runs
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Thank you so much for those who checked up on me. *hugs you all*


Yes, I am fine, and I was lucky. I was about to go to work on that day, near the area where much of the damage was, but I decided to go home after I saw how continuous the rainfall was (and it was already flooding in front of my dentist's office, so I went O_o and went home). I still had to wade through the floods, and when I got home, there was already flooding in my village. Oh well.)

It was a weird storm. It wasn't even one of the really strong ones, but it brought so much RAIN. Most typhoons bring a bit of rain and then punishing, ovar 9000! winds. This one didn't have much wind speed, but it rained hard and steady and for the whole day. We had more rain fall on that day than what the USA received during Hurricane Katrina. WTF.

(and fuckit, we possibly have a super typhoon coming up this weekend. Damn. Just. damn)

For those who want to help the survivors, go here for more information.

My Internet went wonky over the weekend. Then I still had work to finish so I was pretty much ><.

I may have been spared of the floods, but work and deadlines are unforgiving. Still are. A bit anyway. Some of my coworkers were affected so they couldn't come to work so we had to take up some slack.

My mom wants to take me to an endocrinologist next next week because I am apparently too thin and there maybe something wrong with my thyroid which is plausible because my mom also has thyroid problems. Thank God for insurance. If there's anything I love abut my work despite the deadlines, it's that we have insurance. mom is the insurance agent of our insurance, too. hahaha.



Eight or so more days to go before the [ profile] hetaliasunshine deadline. ♥ HOLY CRAP I NEED TO FINISH MY FILL.

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Uwah, it's been a while since I made these. Me and [ profile] oinkwarrior were busy for a while (me with work and she with exams). Anyway, this is something I made for the talented and wondeful [ profile] historyblitz , in sort of fulfillment of her reverse request meme.

Title: Female England
Artists: [ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior
Characters/Paring: England (female/Nyotalia version)
Rating/Warnings: Er, none at all.

Photobucket Photobucket

I tried to be as accurate with the plaid as I could but. *sigh*


We're OPEN for commissions. Please read the FAQ before requesting!

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Well, to be precise it's envelopes, I think (or should they be called packets?) but well, I clearly lack coherence right now.

Shipping off the plushies to their owners. And [ profile] oinkwarrior got bored and decided to do some 'doodling' on the envelopes for the mail.

Title: Mail Art!
Author/Artist: [ profile] oinkwarrior (I'm her posting slave. what can I do?)
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America x England (technically a fanart for You Can't Take the Sky From Me), Little!Bunny!England, Little!America, Prussia and Germany
Rating: PG-13?
Warnings: Er, image heavy, possibly crappy photos?

Here be the 'doodles' )
Also, this is a bit more of extra pictures of the plushies we just shipped.

Little!Bunny!England and his bows and arrows and the German Brothers )

And yes we are still open for commissions. More information on that HERE.

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Just a new plushie and a bit of a photo shoot, because me and [ profile] oinkwarrior couldn't resist. Prussia is commissioned by [ profile] brokensupernova , while Pilot!America and Pirate!England were commissioned by [ profile] haro from her Steampunk AU fic (America x England), You Can't Take the Sky From Me. They're off to their respective owners, and we're gonna miss these babies. /bricked

Title: Gone to the birds (cheep!)
Characters/Paring: Prussia; America x England
Rating/Warnings: Er, none? Except it's image heavy. And cracky. VERY CRACKY.

Bitches don't know about Prussia's chicks /shot )

America and England's fowl adventures )

And that is all fo--, no wait.

We're OPEN for commissions. Please read the FAQ before requesting!

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Two plushies for today! ♥  Image heavy!

Germany, as commissioned by [ profile] brokensupernova
Character: Germany
Rating/Warnings: Er, none?

Why so serious, Germany? )

Prussia will follow shortly in a few days.

Title: Dream come true, as promised to [profile] fujiwara_san
Character: Russia and Belarus
Rating/Warnings: Er, none? Please don't kill me?

I swear to God, Belarus wasn't smiling in the plushie. )

That's fake fur on Belarus. And uh yeah, you can take both plushies' clothes off.

Aaaand that's all for...oh wait. There's one more thing.


That's [ profile] oinkwarrior  holding mochimerica. We're doing a tutorial how to make him so. ♥♥♥

We'll be opening the slots for commissions next week, so uh, wait for that?

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Hah. It's been a while since I made these. ♥

Title: From Russia with Love ♥
Artist: [ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior (who made the face :D)
Character: Russia. Looking very cute. ^_^;

Made for the awesome [ profile] wizzard890 . Hope you feel better. *hugs*

Kol kol kol? )

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I know some of you have heard of the brouhaha over The Queen not being invited to the recently concluded D-Day Commemoration. I kinda thought Sarkozy was an asshole for not inviting her. I mean, WTF. She's the only living leader/head of state that has served during the war, and Britain and the Commonwealth nations (like Canada) made up the most of the soldiers that landed on that beach. But apparently Sarko wants it to be a "Sarko and Obama show."

So when this bit of news got posted over at [ profile] lolsogeographic by [ profile] fabledquill , I laughed my ass off. And thanks to comments by [ profile] berseker and co. I managed to produce this phone conversation:

England *slightly drunk*: I hate you so much right now.

America: Huh? What did I do? Look, if you're talking about that teacup I accidentally dropped last time I visited --

England: I'm not talking about that sodding teacup, you prat. *deep breath* France didn't invite the Queen for the D-Day commemoration. And it is ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

America: Wait, WHAT? How is that MY fault?

England: Apparently France's libidinous dwarf of a boss wants the whole commemoration to be some sort of "make-out" session between your boss and him. *snorts* Never mind that my Commonwealth and I had the largest number of troops there and my Queen is the only one among the old tossers who actually served in the damn war.

*there's a shattering of glass in the background*

BAH! Ungrateful frogs. Bugger them. See if I help them out again the next time they're invaded.

*mutters curses, sounding suspiciously to America like "I'm going to curse that Sarko wanker with impotency so fucking severe not even a fucking barrel full of Viagra would work for him."*

America: Uh, um. Ew. I didn't need the mental image of France's boss French kissing my boss, England.

England: Is that all you're going to say, you arse? Why did I even bother calling you with this anyway? You're just an ungrateful tosser like France, after all --

America: Hey, now wait a minute --

England *may or may not be sniffling*: -- stupid to think you'd understand -- stupid America --

America: H-hey wait--

England: *slams the phone down*

America: *stares at the earpiece* Oh fuck. I'm so gonna kill France for this.

/hides forever
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Ugh. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but apparently my posts don't appear in other people's F-list.

I'm just about ready to slam my head repeatedly on the fucking desk.




*weeps with joy*

Thank you, [ profile] abarero -san. ♥

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Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13: SO MUCH FLUFF.  *is embarrassed*
Author’s notes: A series of sort of interconnected America × England drabbles for the kink meme on flowers and their meanings. De-anoning even though this is sort of unfinished, because this is turning out much longer than I thought. WAT.  

1. Dogwood

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Title: The Saving Grace of Antiquity
Disclaimer: So, er. Yeah. Hetalia isn’t mine. And the world of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson, while in the public domain, is not mine either, but is the brilliant creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I’m merely er, butchering it for my entertainment.
Pairing: Arthur × Alfred; hints of Francis × Matthew
Rating: PG-13
Author’s notes: Multipart fic written for the [ profile] usxuk ficathon (the things I do for loooooove™). Crap. Yes. Hetalia set in Victorian England-esque world. Please do not take this too seriously. That I am on crack (or perhaps, like Mr. Holmes, on a 7 percent solution of cocaine) does not even describe the insanity that this is. Historical inaccuracies may abound, especially in use of language. Please feel free to bludgeon me over that.
Also, a shout-out to the Fic Fairy, who is Made of Awesome and sort of inspired me to write. *grins*
Warning: The title has no connection with the fic. At all. Really. And this is my very first public Hetalia fic. *ducks rotten vegetables* No beta too.

How do you live, Francis once asked him not long ago in one of his frequent visits, when the centre of your world is gone? )

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Title: War of Austrian Succession: Austria
Artist: [ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior (who made the face :D)
Character: Austria ♥

Well, as I promised [ profile] pyrrhiccomedy , here he is. With a special, er, company. ♥

I hope he doesn't look fat. >< )
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Yeah, I have no excuse for this.

Title: La Vie En Rose
Artist: [ profile] twistedsheets10 and [ profile] oinkwarrior (who made the faces :D)
Character: France...with a rose. Yes. It's what your thinking
Warnings: Are...naked plushies NSFW? Well, just to be safe: PG.

Cut for the sake of the children! )
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I actually have no excuse for this. At all. The idea just struck me a while back, and I couldn't resist making them. So, uhm. I'm so sorry if you feel I'm spamming you guys. m(_ _)m

Title: Easter Angel ♥
Pairing(s): Britannia Angel and ickle!America
Rating/Warnings: Er, none. But you may die of cuteness
Summary: A belated er, Easter-themed craft photoshoot (using my handy-dandy mobile phone camera. ~_~)

Er, proceed with caution. Might kill you with cuteness. )


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